Terms & Conditions


We accept all types of Credit Cards &PayPal.  Logan Airport Car (DBA) is incorporated by  Logan Airport Car, Inc.

"LOGAN AIRPORT CAR, INC" will appear on the Credit Card / PayPal Billing Statement.

Service Hours:

We provide 24/7 Airport Transportation - except State of Emergency.

Payment Options

PayPal or Credit Card. An option of payment must be required to complete an online booking. All PayPal payment goes to under Corporate email to :(loganairportcarservice@gmail.com).

Luggage Restrictions

There are maximum luggage restrictions depending on the vehicle Capacity. Please check your vehicle luggage capacity from the fleet/Fare Quote page. Any additional Luggage may cost $3.00 – Please Specify the Luggage amount while booking.


Change/Modify/Cancellation is free of cost before 4 (Four) hours of actually scheduled pickup. Please simply email info@loganairportcar.com for the change or Cancel Request.


Any refund which is Paid by PayPal/Credit Card will be processed within 24 (Twenty Four) hours.


In case of passenger no-show. A no-show (full fare) will occur, no refund will be allowed. Passengers must contact us – or- email to reschedule/change/cancel an existing reservation 4 (Four) hours before scheduled pickup.


Cancellation before 4 (Four) hours - will be refunded in full. Less than 4 (Four) hours a refund will not be allowed.


(DAY) From 8:00 A.M - 8:00 P.M. Online Reservation Required at least 4 (Four) hours advance to schedule a Car. (NIGHT) From 8:00 PM - 8:00 AM required a minimum of 8 (Eight) hours for the online reservation. Need Urgent Booking, Please Call us (617) 997-4777.


All Tolls & Charges are Included in the fare as per Airport Authority Rules

State Emergency

In case of State Emergency or snow Storms or heavy snowfall, we might have to cancel the service, we will contact the passenger before cancellation. Cancelled for Natural Causes, Change/Refund can be requested/Issued.

To Airport Pickup: Waiting Time

All Pick-up to the Airport- The driver will wait up to 15 (fifteen) minutes. Please contact the driver, if you need more time. Please contact the driver, if you need more time or a No-Show may occur.

From Airport Pickup: Waiting Time

All Pickup-from the airport- Driver will wait up to 1 hour from the actual flight arrival/landing time. If you need more than 1 (ONE) hour - Please contact the driver, if you need more time or a No-Show may occur.

Waiting Charge

Waiting Charge is $1.00 Per Minute after the Maximum Waiting Minutes.